The Informal Recruitment Process:

***Spring COB Cancelled

Due to the University's decision to implement online curriculum for the 2020 Spring Quarter, UCSB Panhellenic chapters will no longer be conducting Spring 2020 COB. Formal recruitment registration will be opening July 1st, 2020. Make sure to follow our instagram (@ucsbpanhellenic) for updates and reminders and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to VP recruitment, Jenny Gibson, at Thank you!

How it works...

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) 

Formal Recruitment occurs annually during the beginning of fall quarter, and is the primary recruitment process for the UCSB Panhellenic Council. However, Panhellenic chapters have informal recruitment opportunities, referred to as Continuous Open Bidding, or "COB". Recruitment events are organized and coordinated by each chapter individually for the purpose of membership intake. Chapters may only participate in informal recruitment if their numbers fall below the median chapter size on campus, which is reset during fall and spring quarter. Chapters are not required to participate in informal recruitment. Chapters typically hold a few events at the beginning of the quarter to meet potential new members if they are eligible to conduct COB. 

Women interested in sorority membership following the conclusion of Fall Formal Recruitment should complete the COB Interest Form. This list of women interested will be shared to all chapters eligible to conduct COB for that quarter. 

Please note: The COB Interest Form is cleared out after each quarter, so potential new members would need to re-register each quarter. Additionally, filling out the interest form does not guarantee a chapter conducting COB will contact a potential new member, nor does it guarantee she will receive a bid.

Frequently Asked questions:

Who is eligible for COB?

All female-identified students are eligible to participate in COB, provided (1) they are a regularly matriculated undergraduate student and enrolled at UC Santa Barbara, (2) they have never been initiated into a National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sorority at UCSB or on another campus, and (3) they have not received a bid during the most recent Fall Formal Recruitment process.

How does COB work?

When a sorority conducts COB, they contact a potential new member on their own and hold one or more informal events to get to know her better. Each chapter performs the process differently, so the Collegiate Panhellenic Council does not set dates for informal recruitment events. 

Please note: Just because a chapter is eligible for COB does not necessarily mean they will participate. 

What do I need to do if I want to be considered for COB?

Women who want to be considered for COB should complete the online COB Interest Form. This list of women will be shared to all chapters eligible to conduct COB that quarter. 

For more information regarding informal recruitment, please contact our Vice President of Recruitment at: